Distinctive Headshots, Consistently Remarkable

Philadelphia Headshot Photographer

Why settle for a headshot that doesn’t convey the Real You?

Everyone’s face is different: that’s what makes us unique. Maybe one side of your mouth goes a little crooked when you smile, your eyes close down a little too much, or even over the last few years your business attire doesn’t fit the way it used to. With the right lighting, posing and direction, we will create a headshot that brings out YOUR best qualities. Isn’t that why you are getting a professional headshot in the first place?

Getting a great headshot should be Easy

So many people have selfies, snap shots and outdated photos because the process of picking and working with a photographer isn’t always fun or easy. Images by IBA specializes in just Headshots: working with individuals and teams to get you looking your best online

Corporate Headshots

Custom photos for your executive team and office staff either at your location, my studio or while your team gathers for annual retreats, board meetings or leadership conferences. With a time efficent work flow, you’re team will have great photos without disrupting normal work flow.

Wardrobe Matters

Bring your favoite outfits

The studio has a private dressing room

Posing & Expression

Everyone has a good side

You don’t need to know how to pose

No Surprises

See all your photos on the computer

Buy only the ones you like

I am Isolde, IBA is my nickname. As a  suburban Philadelphia photographer, I have a retail studio location and travel on location locally and nationally. 

My business is tailored to elevate you and your brand. I have systems in place to make your on-location photo day run smoothly, your trade show booth be the talk of the conference and your individual studio session capture your true self.

Still working part time as a veterinarian, I have applied the consistency and science from my surgical training and years of mentorship with the best headshot photographers in the world to create an experience in front of the camera you and your team will find easy, comfortable and actually fun.