The Specialist Report

young business professional in blue shirt with glasses on
young business professional with straightened hair, red lipstick and no glasses in a blue twin set

Should I wear my glasses in my headshot?

I have answers for that is “its up to you” and lets take 2 photos: one with and one without! 

I’ve been wearing glasses for over 5 years now, an honor I earned as I hit my 50th lap around the sun. Turns out 20/20 vision is not forever

Now that I’ve been a glasses wearer for a while, I prefere how I look with them on in photos. But not everyone feels that way. Some folks prefer their photos without glasses. 

Glare in the glasses is the biggest problem for photographs and something as a photographer & a glasses wearer,  I am Super aware of. The LED panels in my on location kit use to definitely show up in all the wrong places if we weren’t careful of the posing.  Some folks have less glarey glasses because of fancy coatings they had applied when they got them. But those are expensive and I’ve found wear off after time.

BUT no more….. with all the advances in editing software, glasses glare has become a think of the PAST! And it’s great. I do a lot of on location gigs, often at trade shows or events: the goal is to get an awesome photo for an attendee quickly! Fiddling with glasses used to eat into out time together but now knowing I can use my magic wand in Photoshop, that time is better spend capturing a fantastic expression with a flattering pose and glasses glare be gone!

 I actually love photographing glasses now and am thrilled when folks bring multiple pairs, because different glasses can convey different looks!

 Ultimately, the decision is yours, But I vote for Both glasses on and glasses off!