The Specialist Report

young asian business woman in tan leather jacket and white shirt
young asian business woman in white shirt and tan leather jacket

What does Photo Editing Even Mean?

When you are in the bright lights, in front of my camera, we will capture many frames in different poses and a range of expressions. 

Not all of those photos will be perfect. There may be some stray hairs, a collar lapel that wasn’t straight or even blemishes or dry skin you couldn’t control. Some of these details bother you more than me.

My goal is for your business headshot to showcase you at your best, so everyone will say “I LOVE that picture of you”

The whole process happens “tethered” into my laptop so we can review the images together as we go: adjust big or little things that seem not quite right.  But sometimes one the photos you Really like has a flaw or two.

And that’s where Editing comes in.  We try really hard in our sessions to get it right in camera with posing and lighting to create a flattering photo.

Photoshot and and the use of AI in photography has become a little misunderstood.  When used with a light, professional hand we can take a not quite perfect photo and make it great: not give you 2 noses or 3 ears.

 All the photos I craft for my clients get a simple shine in photoshop to even out the lighting, remove the light modifiers in the frame, unify the background, straighten the clothing, take away blemishes, dark circles and fine wrinkles in the skin. Most of this I do by hand, with a little help from my AI filters in photoshop and other software.

 There is also a magic tool called Liquify: I can do some slimming under the chin, make your ears be less prominent, even reshape your nose or make you look like you lost those 10lbs you want to.

BUT wait won’t everyone know…..Ultimately, the decision is of how much we edit is yours, and I’ll never tell.

Generally I send clients an email with their edited photos in 1-2 business days.  We can work together to make further adjustments or be happy with the final product. And start using the photos on social media, for website updates and marketing materials.