The Specialist Report

young female business professional with blue shirt, braids and glasses

Should I Wear My Glasses in My Headshot?

I have answers for that is “its up to you” and lets take 2 photos: one with and one without! 

I’ve been wearing glasses for over 5 years now, an honor I earned as I hit my 50th lap around the sun. Turns out 20/20 vision is not forever

Now that I’ve been a glasses wearer for a while, I prefere how I look with them on in photos. But not everyone feels that way. Some folks prefer their photos without glasses. 

Glare in the glasses is the biggest problem…

young business professional in blue suit with yellow tie

To Tie or Not to Tie?

The landscape for business attire has changed a bit. I meet lots of folks at my on location office photo days who say things like “I haven’t worn a tie in 9 months … or since before the pandemic”

The cool thing about digital photography and seeing the photos as we capture them, is my clients and I can decide which look suits their brand and intended usage.

And even to Headshot Happy Hours, I bring a mirror for the the fly tie tying. So my client here could have two images.

young asian business woman in tan leather jacket and white shirt

What does Photo Editing Even Mean?

When you are in the bright lights, in front of my camera, we will capture many frames in different poses and a range of expressions 

Not all of those photos will be perfect. There may be some stray hairs, a collar lapel that wasn’t straight or even blemishes or dry skin you couldn’t control. Some of these details bother you more than me.

My goal is for your business headshot to showcase you at your best, so everyone will say “I LOVE that picture of you”